We are your Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist


Direct mail is an excellent way to:

  • Reach more customers

  • Target your ideal audience

  • Grab your customer’s attention

  • Get great response rates

  • Increase profits

  • Track results

Torpedo Marketing is a full service lettershop and 18,000 sq. ft. production facility that specialize in:

  • Folding

  • Inserting

  • Polybagging

  • Clip sealing

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Inkjetting

  • Tipping

  • CDN & US Mail

Whether your campaign is a 1-to-1 marketing initiative, or an Unaddressed Admail campaign, Torpedo has the expertise and experience to get it done on time, on budget with professionalism and accuracy.

Did you know?*

87% of consumers respond to mail with samples**
**Product samples are welcome and drive high rates of conversion to sales. They also help to build brands because they create consumer confidence and trust.  7 in 10 Canadians are likely to respond to samples, coupons and catalogues received the mail.

60% of a campaign’s success is driven by effective targeting.
92% of Canadians are likely to open items that come in the mail if they already do business with the company.
89% of Canadian companies agree that mail is a great way to communicate with them (B2B).
81% of direct mail users agree that mail is a great way to communicate with their existing customers (B2C).

All industry segments are using DM for both acquisition and retention.

Addressed DM users:
78% use for Acquisition.
95% use it for existing customers.
93% of Canadians read their mail the same day it arrives. 66% read it as soon as it’s received, while another 27% review it later on that same day.

91% of Canadians are likely to open an item that comes in the mail if it looks official or important, 90% if they recognize the sender and 89% if it looks interesting or intriguing.

84% of an Addressed print advertising pieces Canadians receive and 67% of an Unaddressed print advertising pieces they receive are actioned (i.e. read, saved it for later, will shop, purchase or do something else)

64% of Canadians prefer to receive general business correspondence by mail compared to 32% by email.

*Statistics supplied by Canada Post