Torpedo Marketing is a member of the PPPC (Promotional Products Association  of Canada) which gives us access to hundreds of manufacturers of promotional items, wearables and corporate gifts.   

Whether you’re buying an item as a tradeshow giveaway, including it in a direct marketing campaign, or rewarding a loyal customer/employee, Torpedo can help. 

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Did you know?


The top 5 items that make the most impressions in Canada include the following.  The number of impressions a product makes was derived from multiplying how long a recipient has the product to how many people he comes into contact with each month while using it.  Therefore, bags generated the most impressions in Canada because bags are frequently used, often in public places where they can be seen by many people.

  1. Bags

  2. Hats

  3. Writing instruments

  4. Outerwear

  5. Shirts